Technological base of the enterprise allows to develop world-class products. NNRPA’s manufacturing facilities apply modern equipment and use new advanced technologies.

Quality management system of the enterprise is certified by Russian state certification system ”Military registry” and complies with Russian state standards GOST ИСO 9001-2015 and GOST PB 0015-002-2012.

 New technologies are being introduced in all fields of activity – from scientific research to business processes management system. A production automation system is used in the factory for optimum employment of all resources.

The majority of the products manufactured by Nizhny Novgorod factory named after M.V.Frunze belongs to the scientific products which require complex mathematical calculations. In order to improve work we introduce into production of different lines of activity of the factory the end-to-end design system on the basis of KOMPAS 3D. Using this system we noticeably reduced the timing required to translate a technical idea into the finished product. A part of labor-intensive and time-consuming processes was entirely shifted to the virtual environment. Development of mathematical and graphic models and conversion to machine-instruction code are done in the common information space of related departments. Automated check of calculations reduces the possibility of error when manufacturing finished products to a minimum. All new products are developed and produced using an end-to-end design system.

Availability of own modern metal casting and plastics molding techniques, printed-circuit boards, special purpose tools, assembling, electronic equipment testing and adjustment allows producing of an extended product range. Finished products go through a multilevel control system.

Printed boards production

All the automated complexes are put together in one technological chain, which assure serial production of printed boardswith 4th and 5th class of precision,including multilayerprinted boards with minimal width of conductorsof 100 microns and bore diameter of 0,3 mm. Multilayer printed boards may have up to 6 layers.
All the stages of manufacturing are automated. Automatic control systemsare used in most important technological operations to checkquality of solutions and to verify parameters of the technological process.

Production capacity is 500 000 dm2 per year.

Assembly manufacturing

Manufacturing using technology of doube-sided surface mounted assembly allows to perform point-to-point wiringof any type and to automatically assemble the elements with a size of 0,5 to 45 mm and with a precision of up to 20 microns.
Unified complex of works: automatic application of solder paste,automatic installation of elements,automatic melting of solder paste,loading of workpieces and unloading of products is executed with minimum of operator’s intervention.

Production capacity is 3 000 000 printed units per year

Microelectronics workshop

A renewed microelectronics workshop is used to manufacture UHF range microassemblies and micromodules including microstrip boards and integrated subsystems with a range of work frequencies of up to 37.0 GHz.

The assembling/mounting workshop uses technological procedures of microassemblies manufacturing with flux-free technology such as high-temperature eutectics of microstrip boards to the foundation with subsequent contact welding and thermocompression bonding of radioelements.

Mounting of radioelements on microstrip plates using welding and soldering by different solder alloys,assembly of UHF body frames, subsequent assembly of submodules, micromodules, microassemblies and their sealing and adjustment.

Plastic products manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities fitted with equipment of reputed firms (BOY, JON WAI& others) allows to manufacture the details made of different materials (polyamide, polycarbonate, dakryl& etc.) and with weight of 0.2 g to 3 kg.

Workpieces casting in muticavity molds significantly improve effectiveness of work and considerably speeds up the product output.

Production yield 3 000 000 work pieces per year

Metalworking production

4D & 5D milling machining centers with numerical program control, 5D sliding head autowith power-driven tools, high production multipurpose sheet working machines with programmed numeric control & automatic sheet bending 5D press allow to manufacture high precision details of complicated configuration and with precision treatment of up to 5 micron.

Production yield 400 000 machine-hours per year

Tool-making facilities

Applying modern technologies in tool fabrication allows to produce technological equipment and details of any configuration and with highest quality.
The high degree of precision for treatment and finishing is assured by coordinate jig-boringequipment, coordinate grindingequipment, spark-erosion equipmentand machining center units of reputed firms: HERMLE, AVEA, AGIE, SODICK, FINETECH.

Production output 20 000 normal hours per month.