Designed to provide continuous formation of the reserved special time scale (main and delayed) with one of the two repetition periods 4.114432 s or 4.104 s.

The scales are switched by programs from an external computer over LON.


Special time scale pulse repetition rate formation systematic error:

not more than 1∙10–8 s

Special time scale delay range variation at the Instrument outputs:

0–411 443 200 ∙10–8 s (time scale No 1)

0–410 400 000 ∙10–8 s (time scale No 2)

Pulse delay change step of the pulse sequences from the Instrument special time scale: not more than 1∙10–8 s

External time scale time intervals measurement resolution: not more than 1∙10–9 s

Time intervals measurement systematic error: not more than 2∙10–9 s

The Instrument outputs the sine wave signal of the internal crystal oscillator of 5±2∙10–6 MHz, 0.5 V at 50±1 Ohm load

Relative frequency setting error at manufacture: not more than 1∙10–8

Long-term frequency stability: not more than 1∙10–7

Provides special time scale square pulses formation:

Output pulse duration: 2.0±0.5∙10–6 s

Pulse rise time: not more than 1∙10–7 s

Pulse amplitude at 50±1 Ohm load: 3.5±1 V

Voltage between pulses: not more than 0.5 V

The Instrument operates from an external 5.0 MHz synchronization signal (1.0±0.2 V at 50±1 Ohm load) source. The Instrument may provide time scale formation from its own crystal oscillator with relative error of not more than 3∙10–7)


Operating temperature range: 5–40 оС

Relative humidity at 25 оС: up to 80 %

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 100 VА

Dimensions: 160х459х440 mm

Weight: 10 kg