The RF Commutator is designed for switching sine-wave and pulse signals.

May be used in automatic measurement, information and process control systems.


The RF Commutator principle of operation is based on control of electromagnetic contacts providing the channel switching.

Using the Commutator front panel controls or over the IEC 625 interface bus control signals are applied to relay units switching RF signals from input to output.

The Commutator provides switching of one of 50 input channels to any of 5 output channels.


Switched input signal frequency range: up to 100 MHz

Switched-on channel resistance: not more than £1.5 Ohm

Isolation between adjacent channels: £110 dB (5 MHz) and 90 dB (100 MHz)

Input/output isolation: not less 110 dB (5 MHz) and 90 dB (100 MHz)

Number of input channels: 50

Number of output channels: 5


Operating temperature range: 5–50 °C

Relative humidity: up to 98 % at 25 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz; 22–30 V dc

Power consumption: 55 VA ac; 30 W

Dimensions: 480x160x555 mm

Weight: 25 kg