Designed for distribution, switching and amplification of pulse signals.

This is a 16-channel electronic Commutator-Distributor of time scale pulse signals.

Input signals (one or several) may be applied to any number of outputs.

Switching may be done from the Instrument front panel or over the IEC 625 interface bus.


Input signal frequency: 1 Hz

Number of inputs: 6

Number of outputs: 16

Output signal amplitude: not less than 2.5 V into 50 Ohm

Rise time: not more than <5 ns

Time scattering of output signals, generated from one source: £2 ns

Output signal delay temperature instability: not more than 0.1 ns/ °C


Operating temperature range: 5–50 °C

Relative humidity: up to 98 % at 25 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz, or 24–30 V dc

Power consumption: not more than 80 VA, not more than 80 W

Dimensions: 480x120x505 mm

Weight: 20 kg