The Instrument is designed to:

  • measure high stability quartz crystal oscillators or quantum reference oscillators frequency deviation in relation to time signal frequencies formed in accordance with signals of satellite radionavigation systems GLONASS/GPS;

  • be used as high stability frequency sources automatically locked to satellite radionavigation systems GLONASS/GPS.


The Receiver-Comparator principle of operation is based on measurement of phase difference incursion in time domain of time scale signals formed from a built-in or an external oscillator reference frequency and standard time marks signals formed from the received and processed signals of GLONASS/GPS; and automatic locking of the built-in rubidium or external oscillators to satellite navigation system signals.

The Instrument receives GLONASS/GPS radionavigation satellite system signals.

The Instrument has the following functions:

«RECEIVER-COMPARATOR»: measures relative frequency deviation of a reference oscillator; defines in accordance with measurement results relative frequency variation of a reference oscillator, average relative frequency variation, rms relative random frequency variation of reference oscillators;

«FREQUENCY STANDARD»: forms high stability sine wave signals and main and auxiliary (delayed) time scale signals; main time scale synchronization to an external standard time scale.


Relative permissible measurement error of a reference oscillator relative frequency tuning: ±1.10–12/day

Relative frequency accuracy in GLONASS/GPS spacecraft tracking mode: ±2.10–12

Output sine-wave signals: 1, 5 and 10 MHz

Output signal effective voltage at 50 Ohm load: 0.5–1.2 V

Relative rms two-sample frequency variation 2 h after switching on during operation from a built-in reference oscillator:

1 s 1.10–11

10 s 6.10–12

100 s 3.10–12

Main and auxiliary (delayed) time scale output signal parameters:

pulse repetition rate: 1 s

pulse polarity: positive

pulse width: 10–30 µs

pulse amplitude at 50±5 Ohm load: not less than 2.0 V

Auxiliary versus main scale shift range: 0–999999.99 µs with 10 ns step

Main time scale to an external standard time scale permissible synchronization accuracy: ±30 ns

Operating mode setting time: 2 h


Operating temperature range: 15–35 °С

Relative humidity: not more than 95 % at 25 °С

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz,

27 + 3 V
- 5

Power consumption:

in a warm-up mode (30 min) 160 VA

in a settled mode 120 VA

and not more than 110 W

Dimensions: 520х158х340 mm

Weight: 15 kg