The Instrument is designed for precise measurements of pulse time parameters:

pulse width, pulse repetition rate and time interval between pulses.

It remotely controls over the IEC 625 interface bus the following operations: reset-start, data output enable, selection of an averaging factor and a mode of operation.


Time interval range: 0–9.999999999 s

Resolution: 0.1 ns

Bias error: 1 ns

Pulse parameters:

Max. repetition rate: 10 MHz

Amplitude: 0.3–10 V

Time interval averaging mode factors: 1,10,102,103,104

Input impedance: 50 Ohm or 1 MOhm, (150 pF)


Operating temperature range: -10–+50 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 45–65 Hz

Power consumption: <140 VA

Dimensions: 480x120x539 mm

Weight: 20 kg