The Synthesizer is a source of high stability spectral pure electrical signals in 0.02–17.85 GHz frequency range.

The Synthesizer output signal is formed as a result of a stabilization of the 2–8.15 GHz JIG-tuned oscillator frequency by the PLL system. The internal quartz crystal oscillator signal is used as a reference one or it is possible to use an external frequency standard signal. The 0.02–2.0 GHz signal is formed by mixing the fixed 6.4 GHz signal with the 4.4–6.38 GHz signal of the JIG-tuned oscillator. The 8.15–17.85 GHz signal is formed by multiplying the JIG-tuned oscillator signal by 2 and 3 times.

The built-in microprocessor provides signal parameter setting, diagnostics of failures and operator errors, storage (during power off) of output power attenuation and response flatness corrections.


The Frequency Synthesizer is used:

– for development, production and maintenance of communication equipment where signal sources with a high frequency stability and low phase noise are required;

– as a signal source in ATE systems thanks to parameter control over IEC 625 bus and

a short setting time of frequency and power;

– for a verification of Frequency Counters, Power Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Parameter Meters and other measurement equipment;

– for investigations of radio electronic devices in laboratories;

– in a communication equipment as local oscillators.


Frequency range: 0.02–17.85 GHz

Frequency tuning step: 10–30 kHz; 1–3 Hz (when operating with an external 20–30 MHz Frequency Synthesizer)

Frequency stability: ±3.10–7/year

Aging rate per day after a 72 h continuous operation: not more than ±5.10–9

after a month of a continuous operation: not more than ±5.10–10

5 MHz reference signal output at 50 Ohm load: 0.6–1.4 V

Transition time during frequency setting: not more than 20–50 ms

Harmonic and subharmonic content: not more than –40 dB

Non-harmonic content:

0.02–1.5 GHz –40 dB

1.5–2.0 GHz –30 dB

2.0–17.85 GHz –60 dB

Single-Sideband Phase Noise (dB/Hz): not more than:

Frequency range, GHz

SSB Phase Noise (dB/Hz) at offset from carrier

80 Hz

980 Hz

10 kHz

100 kHz
















Output power:

in APC mode: not less than 20 mW (0.02–8.15 GHz), 10 mW (8.15–17.85 GHz)

in max. output power mode (without APC): 10–300 mW

Output power attenuation: not less than 20 dB


Operating temperature range: 5–40 °C

Continuous operation time under operating conditions: not less than 16 h

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 190 VA

Dimensions: 493x160x600 mm

Weight: 31.3 kg