Are used as microwave oscillation sources in CW, FM, AM and pulse modulation modes for tuning, adjustment and testing of radio electronic devices.

Provide power meter calibration. Measure losses, VSWR, attenuation, antenna parameters and antenna channels. May be used in automatic test systems as sweep oscillators for panoramic measurements of network parameters.

The built-in single-chip microcomputer automates the instrument operation, selects and sets the instrument parameters, provides parameter readout in the reselected units.

The dc amplifier zero calibration of the automatic power control system significantly increases the dynamic range and minimizes output power temperature error.


Frequency range:

G4-202 2.0–8.15 GHz

G4-204 8.15–17.85 GHz

G4-207 17.44–25.86 GHz

G4-208 25.86–37.5 GHz

Frequency setting error: ±0.45 %

Output power:

2–8.15 GHz 80 mW

8.15–12.05 GHz 60 mW

17.44–37.5 GHz 40 mW

25.86–37.5 GHz 20 mW

Regulated output power range: 30 dB (G4-202, G4-204), 28 dB (G4-207, G4-208)

Output power setting error: not more than ±1.5 dB

Relative harmonic and subharmonic content, not more than:

–25 dB (2f, 3f) G4-202, G4-204

–30 dB (3/2f, 2f) G4-207, G4-208

Power level from the auxiliary output (regulation range 20 dB): not less than 1 mW

Frequency modulation:

range: 0.05–100 kHz

frequency deviation: 25 MHz, 50 MHz (17.44–37.5 GHz)

Amplitude modulation*:

range: 0.05–5 kHz

depth: 0–50 %

Pulse modulation:

pulse repetition rate: 0.05–200 kHz

pulse width: 0.1 ms–10.0 ms

on/off ratio: not less than 60 dB


frequency range: 10 MHz up to the full frequency range

time: 20, 80 ms, 1 s


Operating temperature range: –10–+50 ° C

Relative humidity: up to 98 % at 25 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 50±0.5 Hz; 115±5.75 V, 400±10 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 60 VA


G4-202, G4-204 240х120х300 mm

G4-207, G4-208 240х120х390 mm


G4-202, G4-204 7.5 kg

G4-207, G4-208 9.5 kg

New components developed by the IEM KVARZ allow in a short period of time to manufacture the generators with improved specifications in accordance with customer requirements:

Frequency range extension:

37.5–53 GHz, Pout ~3 mW

53–78 GHz, Pout ~2 mW

78–118 GHz, Pout ~1 mW

Output power increase up to 40–60 W in the frequency range up to 37.5 GHz

Output signal spectrum spurious component suppression up to 40 dBn in 37.5 GHz range.


* no AM in 17.44–37.5 GHz