The V9-27 Measurement Voltage Converter provides accurate linear conversion

of rms wide-band signal voltage into dc voltage.

The AC-DC Adapter and the Intermediate Power Module are supplied together

with the Converter Unit.

The Converter provides accurate measurements of ac voltage by means of electrothermal comparison with dc voltage. It is used together with a DC Digital Voltmeter for AC Voltmeters (V3, V4, V7), Generators (G3, G4) and Attenuators (D2) verification.

The Instrument measurement channel contains overvoltage protection circuit with switched attenuation factor, the wide-band feedback amplifier, the module of electrothermal conversion into a dc voltage based on a special microcircuit of a differential multielement thermal converter using a mutually inverse conversion method.


RMS voltage range of the converted signals Uх at 4 subranges with upper limits UR: No 1 (UR= 0.1 V), No 2 (UR= 1 V), No 3 (UR= 10 V), No 4 (UR= 100 V): 0.01 В–150 V

Max. and min. values of the converted signals voltage range:

No 1 0.01–0.15 V

No 2 0.1–1.5 V

No 3 1–15 V

No 4 10–150 V

Conversion factor at subranges:

No 1 1

No 2 0.1

No 3 0.01

No 4 0.001

Input frequency range: 0 Hz and 5 Hz–20 MHz

Conversion factor basic error:

±0.3 % at 1<Uх/UR< 1.5

±0.3 %[1+ (UR/Uх–1)] at 0.1<Uх/UR< 1

Permissible frequency error in the frequency range:

5 Hz–1 MHz ±0.5 %

1–3 MHz ±1 %

3–5 MHz ±2 %

5–10 MHz ±3 %

10–20 MHz ±5 %

Input resistance and capacitance: 1 MOhm; 20–30 pF

Output resistance: less than 1 Ohm


Operating temperature range: 15–25 ºС

Power: 220 V; 50 Hz

Power consumption: less than 9 VA


Converter Unit: 120х120х20 mm;

АС-DC Adapter: 60х60х60 mm

Intermediate Power Module: 40х40х20 mm


Converter Unit: 0.3 kg

АС-DC Adapter: 0.3 kg

Intermediate Power Module: 0.3 kg