The V9-26 Measurement Voltage Converter provides accurate linear conversion

of rms harmonic voltage into dc voltage.

AC-to-DC Adapter and an Intermediate Power Module are supplied together

with the Converter.

The Converter is designed for accurate measurement of ac voltage by means of comparison of a signal amplitude with dc voltage and is used with DC Digital Voltmeter for HF Voltmeters (V4, V4, V7), Generators (G4, G3) and Attenuator (D2) verification.

The V9-26 provides certification in the frequency range up to 1000 MHz as a Standard Voltmeter of the 2nd class. The individually certified Converter provides frequency accuracy higher of 1.5–2 times than usually.


rms voltage range of the converted signals: 0.1–10 V

Conversion factor: 1

Input frequency range: 10 kHz–1000 MHz

Conversion factor basic error in the frequency range up to 10 MHz: ± 0.2 % +2 mV

Permissible frequency error δf of the conversion ratio in the frequency range

f > f10=10 MHz δf = ± [0,08( f/f10–1)] %

Active input resistance: 100 kOhm–1 MOhm

Output resistance: less than 1 Ohm


Operating temperature range: 15–25 ºС

Power: 220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption: less than 9 VA


Converter Unit: 120х120х30 mm

АС-DC Adapter: 60х60х60 mm

Intermediate Power Module: 40х40х20 mm


Converter Unit: 0.3 kg

АС-DC Adapter: 0.3 kg

Intermediate Power Module: 0.3 kg