The automated programmable Phase Meter/Voltmeter is designed to measure phase difference between two sine-wave signals, voltages, signal level ratio and two-port device transfer constant.

May be operated in a manual mode or in an ATE over IEC 625 interface bus.

The Instrument has high measurement accuracy and resolution, small weight and power consumption.


The FK2-40 measures parameters of microwave frequency components, transmission lines, antennas, filters, crystal resonators, two-port devices. The Instrument measures:

- signal parameters in 50 Ohm channels;

- quartz resonator parameters;

- signal parameters in active electric circuits;

- microwave transmission line electrical lengths.

The Instrument may be used as a selective voltmeter or as a sampler for LF instruments.


Frequency range: 1-1000 MHz

Phase difference measurement range: 0¸±180 °

Phase difference measurement error:

at equal input signals: ±0.35 °

at input signal level variation within 50 dB dynamic range: ±1.5 °

Voltage measurement range:

channel А: 0.15-1000 mV

channel B: 0.05-1000 mV

Voltage measurement error at 100 mV:

in 1-500 MHz frequency range: 6 %

in 500-1000 MHz frequency range: 15 %

Signal level ratio measurement range: 80 dB

Signal level ratio measurement error within 50 dB dynamic range: 0.15 dB

Isolation between channels not less than:

1–300 MHz 100 dB

300–1000 MHz 90 dB

VSWR not more than:

1–500 MHz: 1.10

500–1000 MHz 1.15


Operating temperature range: –10–+50 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption: 50 VА

Dimensions: 480х120х420 mm

Weight: 15 kg