The OS4-100 Spectral Measurement Set is designed to measure source wavelengths and relative spectral characteristics of optical power measurement instrumentation in fiber optic communication systems. The Set is also used for development, test and verification of working measurement means of average power and Optical Generators.


The Set principle of operation is based on measurement by a reference receiver of the power level extracted by a monochromator.

The Set comprises the MDR-204 small-size Monochromator with special matching devices and the OM3-109 Optical Power Meter with two plug-in reference receivers.

The measurement of relative spectral characteristic of measurement instruments are performed by comparison of spectral sensitivity characteristics of the instrument under test with reference receivers of the OM3-109. Their spectral ratios are measured with a high precision Set.

Emission Source wavelength measurement is performed by measurement of power distribution over spectrum with further definition of a wavelength in the maximum of the spectrum obtained.

The Set operates under a PC control.


Operating wavelength range: 800–1650 nm

Wavelength permissible absolute measurement error: ±1 nm

Quasimonochromatic emission power at the Set output in the fiber optic connector at maximal opening in input and output slot up to 2.2 mm:

– with 62.5/125 mm connector: not less than 10 nW

– with 200/230 mm connector: not less than 100 nW

Relative spectral characteristic measurement sensitivity resulted to quasimonochromatic emission instability at the Set output in the fiber optic connector: ±0.5 %


Operating temperature range: 10–35 °С

Relative humidity at 25 °С: up to 80 %

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 100 VА

Dimensions: 1095х370х240 mm

Weight: 55 kg