The OG4-223 Optical Source is designed to form optical emission of the preset wavelength in optical fiber with the purpose to transmit optical power units together

with a Power Meter. The Instrument is used as an Optical Source to test measurement instruments in the optical wavelength range.


The Source principle of operation is based on producing optical emission of the preset wavelength in an optical fiber with the purpose of transmission of optical power units together with Optical Power Meter.

The Source comprises the Mainframe and three Built-in Units operating at different wavelengths.

The Mainframe houses power supplies and the Instrument control circuitry.

The Instrument is composed of the following main elements: the Emitter Module, the Power Stabilizer and the Modulator.

The Source has two modulation mode: modulated and non-modulated.

In the modulation mode the modulating electrical signal may be applied from an internal Oscillator at 270 Hz frequency and from external G4-164 Generator in the 0.1–10 MHz frequency range.

The Source in controlled from the front panels buttons (control and display device).

The Source operating modes and the parameters set are displayed on the graphical liminiscent indicator. The Control Device (microcontroller) controls different Source units (measurement results processing and correction, communication protocols support) during date transmission over external interfaces (RS 232, IEC 625) from-to-a personal computer.

The direct communication with external interfaces is provided by IEC 625 communication device. The four LEDs indicator displays the IEC 625 interface

operating mode.

The Interface allows to use the Instrument in automated systems controlled by a PC.


Emission wavelength: 0.85±0.01, 1.31±0.01, 1.55±0.01 mm

Spectral width at 0.5 level: not more than 5 nm

Output power in the continuous non-modulated emission mode: not more than 5 mW

Output emission power stability: not more than 0.05 dB/h


Operating temperature range: 10–35 °С

Relative humidity at 30 °С: up to 90 %

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 60 VA

Dimensions: 368´392´130 mm

Weight: 15 kg