Designed for a single and a periodic phase shift of high-stability reference oscillator signals. The Instrument operates in manual and automatic operating modes. It has a remote control over the IEC 625 interface bus.


The Time Scale Corrector is a phase shifter where sine-wave signal phase shift is performed digitally.


Input (output) signal frequency: 5 and 100 MHz

rms voltage:

input signal 0.5–1 V

output signal (RL=50 Ohm) 1±0.2 V

Time scale single correction range: ±99.9 ns with a ±0.1 ns step

In the automatic mode the correction is performed periodically with 0.1 ns constant step and with the period equal to any integer set from 1 to 10000 s

Basic error of time scale correction in a full correction range: ±0.1 ns


Operating temperature range: 5–40 °C

Relative humidity: up to 98 % at 25 °C

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz; 22–30 V dc

Power consumption: 50 VA; 60 W

Dimensions: 480x120x540 mm

Weight: 20 kg