The OK6-13 Work Station provides the verification of the following parameters of fiber-optic communication measurement instruments:

– emission power and stability of generators, sources and testers;

– absolute and relative power levels measurement error of power meters, testers, reflectometers and attenuation meters;

– attenuation and attenuator’s setting error;

– reflectometer distance and attenuation scale measurement error and definition of its dead band;

– spectral characteristics of fiber-optic communication measurement instruments.


Principle of operation:

– comparison of power value of the signal alternatively applied from a stable power source to the Work Station Power Meter and Power Meter under test;

– spectral decomposition of the signal applied from the source under test using

the MDR-203 Monochromator and measurement of spectra characteristics of the photodetector under test by comparing them with the reference photodetector;

– reflectometric-based formation of two electrical pulses with the regulated time delay

with their further conversion to optical pulses.


Operating wavelengths of the OG4-22 Optical Emission Source,

the OD1-28 Programmable Attenuator, the OG5-101 Optical Pulse Generator and

optical fiber wavelengths: 0.85, 1.31, 1.55 mm

The OM3-109 Optical Power Meter and the OS4-100 Spectral Parameter measurement Set wavelength range: 0.85–1.65 mm

The OG4-223 Optical Emission Source output power in the non-modulated continuous emission: not less than 5 mWт

The OD1-28 repeatable attenuation range: 0–90 dB

The OM3-109 Power Meter power measurement range: from –90 to +20 dBm

The OG5-101 Generator repeatable distances range: 10-5х105 m

Optical pulse delay time:

– for optical fiber in the 1.31±0.05 and 1.55±0.05 mm ranges: not less than 245000 ns

– for MM optical fiber in the 0,85±0,05 mm range: not less than 79000 ns

The OS4-100 Spectral Parameter measurement Set absolute accuracy wavelength

setting and measurement: not more than ±1 nm


Operating temperature range: 10–35 °С

Relative humidity at 30 °С: up to 90 %

Power: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz

Power consumption: not more than 500 VA

Weight: not more than 245 kg