The K6-12 Work Station is designed for automatic verification of a user GLONASS/GPS navigation equipment by means of transmission of coordinates, time and frequency units.

The K6-12 Work Station may be used in metrological laboratories, services of legal metrology, repair shops for testing and maintenance of a user navigation equipment.


The Work Station provides:

GLONASS signal formation in L1, L2 frequency range (CT-code, BT-code);

GPS signal formation in L1 range (C/A-code);

number of GLONASS, GPS signal channels: not less than 24;

formation of signals simulating user velocity with the following parameters:

simulated velocity range: 0–12000 m/s,

velocity simulation permissible basic accuracy: ± 0,02 m/s;

formation of signals simulating the user acceleration in 0–50 g range;

GLONASS and GPS signals formation in the dynamic range from – 160 to – 115 dBW;

formation of reference sine-wave signals at 10 MHz (2 outputs), 5 MHz (2 outputs)

and 1 MHz (2 outputs) with the following parameters:

relative frequency accuracy ± 2·10–12/day;

rms reference signal voltage at 50±5 Ohm: 0.5–1.2 V;

formation of a local time scale (2 outputs) locked to UTC (SU) time scale with synchronization accuracy ±50 ns;

time interval measurements with the following parameters:

measurement range: 0–9.999999999 s

systematic measurement error ±1·10–9

time measurement resolution (random measurement error component): ±1·10–10 s

measurement error introduced by the Work Station in relation to the frequency deviation in 1–20 MHz range:



the Work Station in 0–50 MHz frequency range displays signal forms and their amplitude measurement results in 0–5 V range with ±5 % accuracy and frequency measurement results with ±4 % accuracy

Stand-by power supply available


Operating temperature range: 15–25 °С

Relative humidity at 25 °С: not more than 80 %

Atmospheric pressure: 630 mm Hg

Power consumption: not more than 1500 VA

Weight: not more than 600 kg

Dimensions: 3130х1600х1310 mm